Alcohol Concierge Service

Our Alcohol Concierge Service

We will consult with you about your event needs. Based on your guest count and your alcohol preferences we can help design a bar that will help make your event memorable AND affordable.

From a wine and beer only to offering amazing unique specialty cocktails on tap, we can help determine amounts of each alcohol needed behind your bar.

We can help cut costs by making sure you have exactly the amount of alcohol you need, and you can return any unopened bottles!

We will do all the shopping and deliver all of your bar needs to your event!

Our unique rentals, fun and professional bartenders, and amazing cocktails will ensure you and your guests have a great experience that will be talked about for years to come!

About Alcohol Calculations For Events

For event planning, there is no one size fits all when it comes to alcohol! There is, however, a way to calculate an estimate, which can then be refined to best match your guest count, your preferences., and your budget!

The very first questions to ask are: How many guests are you expecting and how long will the event last? 

For an Open Full Bar the next answer needed is an estimated guess on what percent of Wine, Beer, Spirits you want to offer. Do you want a Champagne Toast? 

If you have an event for 100 guests for 3 hours with 2 drinks per guest per hour, theoretically, you will need 600 drinks. Now, from my personal experience I would recommend ADDING at the very least 1 more cocktail per guest. This is Louisiana after all! Which would make a total of 700 Drinks.  Plus enough Champagne for the Toast. With decades of experience under our belt, we can expertly design a creative bar menu that will wow your guests and please your wallet!

No One Likes an Empty Glass…

We will send you a questionnare to fill out. This will help us to start calculating what you will need. Be sure to let us know if you have specific brands or cocktails you would like to have. Keep in mind, Top Shelf or Call brands will affect overall price. Batching Specialty Cocktails and having Beer kegs can not only cut down on waste, but cost as well! 

Do you want a Wine Bar? Craft Beers? Gin Bar? Mimosa Station? 

Whatever you choose, we have you covered!

Upon submission of the questionnaire answers, we will put together a proposal to send you for review. The first draft can be updated/changed until it is perfect. We love what we do, and aim to please, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

We strive to help you get the best deals on your alcohol! We cannot host paid bars. We are not a liquor vendor and we do not carry a liquor license. We can, however, work with fundraisers and special community events to get special event liquor permits to help raise money for good causes, which we LOVE to do! We also work with catering companies.

Our wish is to create an Amazing Bar Experience for your event and offer excellent set up and service! We aim to IMPRESS!

Custom Craft Cocktail Creation

Why offer a custom cocktail at your event?

Help your guests celebrate with a custom cocktail that helps promote your brand, celebrate you, or highlight elements of your event. Consult with our expert mixologist who will help build a cocktail that looks amazing, supports your event and tastes amazing!

We also have the unique ability to keg your custom cocktail if renting The Pontchartrain or Geaux Bubbly. This expedites your bar service during your event while helping cut your costs and waste. We love to name your custom cocktails with you for your event also! The Babymaker, The Blended Shit Show, The Wild Kentucky and The Dizzy Ballerina are only a few examples of some of the fun names we have created with our clients! They also help to create social moments for your guests to laugh and share through social media.

Want to taste your custom cocktail prior to your event?

We can do a custom cocktail tasting prior to your event for a select few guests. Try your custom cocktails before your event, so event day runs smoothly. Engagement Parties are a great place to preview your Craft cocktail selections!