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Blooming with Flavor: Using Flowers and Herbs in Cocktails (Or Mocktails)

When it comes to creating refreshing and flavorful beverages, the possibilities are endless. One increasingly popular way to elevate your cocktails and add a touch of elegance is by incorporating flowers and herbs. Not only do they bring vibrant colors and beautiful aromas to your drinks, but they also infuse them with unique and delightful…

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Pricing: Mobile Bars vs. Food Trucks

Everyone is familiar with food trucks. From delicious tacos to amazing barbecue, and everything in between, we have been enjoying their fare at our homes, businesses, and festivals for many years. Mobile bars, however, are a fairly new trend sweeping the country. They go hand in hand, both helping to take all the fuss and…

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Choosing Your Wedding Bar

The bar at any event is one of the most popular areas besides the buffet and the dance floor. Actually, maybe more so! It is important to consider what kind of bar you will have, how you will stock it, and who will be behind it!! Unfortunately, this can be challenging and costly to the…

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