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Choosing Your Wedding Bar

The bar at any event is one of the most popular areas besides the buffet and the dance floor. Actually, maybe more so! It is important to consider what kind of bar you will have, how you will stock it, and who will be behind it!! Unfortunately, this can be challenging and costly to the…

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Confessions of an HOH Mom

“HOH? What’s that stand for?” HOH, or Hard of Hearing, gets a lot less attention than Deafness does. It’s an odd phenomenon because most people have at least one person in their life that drives them crazy with their, “What”s? and “Huh”s?

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Reasons to Rent a Geaux Mobile Bar!

In Louisiana a Mobile Bar can be used for any reason in any season! We are famous around the country for our “Go Cups” and the fact that we are a state that likes to party cannot be denied! We live out LOUD here and adding flair is second nature to us in the South.…

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