Geaux Bubbly Tap Cart

Geaux Bubbly Tap Cart

Champagne or Prosecco On Tap or Bottle Service
Aperol Spritzers, Mimosas, French 75s…So Many Options!!

Self Service or Full Service Available

Let the Good Times Roll! Champagne/Cocktail Tap Cart for Every Occasion

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So Many Champagne Cocktails to choose from!
Drinks By The Pool

FAQ about Geaux Bubbly

Geaux Bubbly requires a level surface area.

The cart measures 6.5 feet high, 6ft 1 inch wide, and 4ft 1 inch deep. It does not fit through a standard gate or doorway. Must be a double door (with no center pole!) or large gate

Can be run with our without electricity. It does come with battery powered lights!

If using electricity accessories such as a fan, blender or extra lighting can be added.

Non-alcoholic beverages can be accommodated.

Can be used with Tap or for Bottle Service. We can remove the tap!

Two taps each connected to a corny keg which holds up to 24 bottles of champagne. Each keg can serve approximately 120 glasses of champagne!

Works well for small gatherings or up to 100 guests (add our glass walls for a bigger impact!)

Client is responsible for all liquor costs in accordance with Louisiana liquor laws. We help calculate and customize your alcohol, mixer, garnishing needs AND we can do the shopping for you with our Alcohol Concierge Service!

Client is responsible for licensing and permits required for your event

You can rent the cart alone (within a creratin area) or with a Geaux Team Mixologist for full service.

If renting without a bartender there is a damage deposit required for your rental. If using with taps client should have some basic understanding of keg/tap systems. We will help you!

The Geaux Bubbly Cart is on wheels and easy to move

Your Custom Specialty Cocktails can be put on tap for your event!

We can customize decorations for your event or you can provide your own (as long as they do not damage the cart).

We arrive an hour prior to your event to set the cart up. Breakdown will require an hour at the end of your event.

Our goal is to help your event be as fabulous as possible. Message us with any special requests.

Geaux Bubbly can be rented for promotions for liquor companies, craft beer makers and Vineyards .

Geaux Bubbly can be decorated with your signage during your event