The Pontchartrain Pony

The Pontchartrain Pony

Now Booking Events through Summer 2023

We know that every event is unique and offer options to ensure your event is exactly the way you want! Simply Request a Quote and tell us about your event. We will contact you to discuss all the ways we can help make your event fabulous!

The Pontchartrain Pony can be set up however you desire for your event. Your imagination sets the limits!

Use it as a walk up bar, for a company party, parade get together, back drop for a photo/video-shoot, promotional advertising, fundraising event or mocktail bar… The Ponchartain can accommodate any event you wish to host!

The Pontchartain Pony Bar Top
Can be decorated in a variety of ways. Your Imagination is the limit.
Front of the Pontchartrain Pony
Can accommodate a complete bar setup for your event.
Tap on Pontchartrain Pony
Stainless Steel Double Tap Towers with patented delivery system

Get the Whole Bar to Geaux!

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Specialty Cocktail
Specialty Cocktails on Tap
The Ponchartrain Pony Bar
Beautiful Wine Bar

FAQ on The Pontchartrain Pony

The Pontchartrain can be rented full service in combination with our Alcohol Concierge Service or you can provide the alcohol/beverages for your event.

4 taps for kegged Beer, Wine, Champagne, or Specialty Cocktails

We custom keg for you which allows you to serve the wine or cocktail of your choosing and exact amount for your event. This helps cut down on waste, unopened bottles will be returned at the end of your event.

Kegs will be chilled prior to your event, however our unique patented tap system ensures Ice Cold beer and drinks at every pull. No electricity required!

Client is responsible for licensing and permits required for your event

The Ponchartrain can be decorated with your companies signage during your event as long as it causes no damage to the trailer

The Ponchartrain is great for promotions for liquor companies, craft beer makers and Vineyards.

The Poncthartrain measures 11ft 2 inches long by 7.5 feet wide and 7.5feet high. Location must be level for set up

Can be run with or without electricity. Some options including TV, blender, fan, etc will not be available without electricity.

If using electricity the trailer set up needs to be within 50 feet of 120 volt electrical outlet

Customized picture/slideshows can be created for your event to play on the 24 inch Smart TV.

Base plus $2 a mile delivery charge from 70433

18% gratuity will be added for Mixologist/Bartender

Non-alcoholic beverages and Mocktails available!