Meet Marcella!

Meet Marcella!

I have extensive experience in the service and hospitality industry throughout 3 states, including Louisiana, Connecticut, and California. Specializing in event planning, I can help you create the perfect bar for your celebration! A resident of NOLA for over 2 decades , I enjoyed the fast pace and hospitality of being a bar proprietor up until 2018. My dream of creating my own unique mobile bar started in 2017 and I worked diligently toward this goal until I was able to launch my company, Geaux Mobile Bar Co. on the Northshore in 2020. I knew back then, (and told anyone who would listen!), that mobile bars would become the new trend, just as food trucks had.

I am constantly learning to enhance my craft even more. I love trying out amazing new cocktail and batching techniques. My knowledge of brands, mixology, and trends have helped Geaux Mobile Bar Co stand out in today’s blooming mobile bar and craft cocktail industry.

Prior to renovating my first horse trailer (by myself!), and while Covid put the world on hold, I completely renovated a shuttle bus, turning it into a camper, honing my skills for my future endeavor! I called it the MOAB (Mother of all Buses!) and traveled with my daughter and small dogs (in a self contained quarantine bus!) all over the Eastern USA before making Covington our new home.

I spent every moment renovating and building The Pontchartrain, our vintage horse trailer tap bar, our Geaux Bubbly Cart and our tap and Glass Wall Rentals! After years of dreaming, learning, and building, I was finally able to offer up Geaux Mobile Bar Co. to the community!

Since launching, Geaux Mobile Bar has become a leading resource in todays rapidly growing mobile business community. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our events, cocktail ideas and new builds.

Cheers! Contact us for a consultation on your event today!

Marcella founder of Geaux Mobile Bar

A portion of our proceeds are donated to local charities.

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We are proud to be a woman owned business and member of the Covington Business Association.