Choosing Your Wedding Bar

Choosing Your Wedding Bar
We can help you calculate and create the PERFECT bar for your Wedding!

The bar at any event is one of the most popular areas besides the buffet and the dance floor. Actually, maybe more so! It is important to consider what kind of bar you will have, how you will stock it, and who will be behind it!! Unfortunately, this can be challenging and costly to the inexperienced. And it is only one part of the many things to consider when you are getting married.

Couples want to complete their union surrounded by their loved ones and CELEBRATE in a beautiful setting, with delicious food, wine flowing and the dancing non stop! Yet, the cost of doing so has been a little challenging for many even prior to the pandemic rise in prices. Never mind the countless individuals who in the past year and a half, at best, were temporarily out of work, or had their businesses on pause. The average cost of a wedding in the US back in 2020, according to, was $20,300. Louisiana was at $16,842 ($255 per guest).

They break down the most expensive costs for a wedding from most costly to least as follows:


Catering of Food/Drink

Engagement Ring




All of these elements are VITAL to a fabulous wedding.

The liquor is one of the MOST vital and it can be the SECOND highest cost. The average bar cost according to some sites is $20-$25 per guest for alcohol. This can vary greatly.

No one really wants to serve the cheap liquor at their event. Sure, I’d want Chopin Vera Wang or Absolut Cristal for all my friends too. However, choosing only a few top choice liquors for your bar helps cut down costs. There are many amazing brands that people are not aware of that are even more delicious than more widely recognized brands. There are also many local vintners and brewers that carry excellent and affordable products. Of course, if money is no object, then we can suggest many more FABULOUS bottles too! Having a bar service that understands brand, pricing, and budget is a must.

A per head cost is not always the best way to get an estimate for your bar set up. What liquor will they serve, how much will they bring, do they charge by the bottle or per drink? Do you keep the left over bottles or do they?

Next, what type of set up will be best for your event? Having a fully stocked open bar at a large event requires a lot of bottles. It can also create unnecessary lines at the bar! When a guest orders an Old Fashioned, 2 Margaritas, and 6 Kamikaze Shots for their table, it’s going to take more than a minute. Having TOO many choices is not always a good thing! It is important that your guests do not feel like they are missing out on the fun because they had to stand in line most of the time waiting on a cocktail. I can’t tell you how many people have said to me that they enjoyed a wedding they attended, except for the issue of not being able to get a drink! Creating a few “Featured Cocktails” to put on tap is another way to not only save money, but have faster service! We can customize up to 4 Cocktails (or champagne, wine and beer) to be on tap. This is also a fun way to personalize the cocktails for your event. We have had a great time making up names with our clients for their specialty cocktails!

There IS a way to keep your alcohol costs down and STILL have an AMAZING bar set up and service for your wedding, no matter what venue, entertainment, or engagement ring you decide on! Having been a bar proprietor for several years, I have learned how to find the best costs, the best bartenders, and make the best batched cocktails to ensure a memorable and affordable experience for you and your guests!

Renting a bar from Geaux Mobile Bar Co means that you can have the experience of a One of a Kind Bar with excellent service and amazing drinks for what you could pay for the alcohol alone somewhere else! Let us help you design your bar set up and calculate your alcohol needs. You will be glad you did!

Confessions of an HOH Mom

Confessions of an HOH Mom

I’m going to wager a small bet that a good amount of people read the title and said to themselves, “HOH? What’s that stand for?” HOH, or Hard of Hearing, gets a lot less attention than Deafness does. It’s an odd phenomenon because most people have at least one person in their life that drives them crazy with their, “What”s? and “Huh”s?

 There is a running joke among audiologists that goes like this:

Two old men are walking in the park. One man looks at his friend and says:

“I got a new hearing aid yesterday! It’s amazing! I can hear so much better now!”

The second man says:

“Oh really? What kind is it?”

The first responds, looking at his watch:

“Oh, it’s about one o’clock”

This sums up not only HOH, but also what people envision when they hear the terms, “Hard of Hearing” or “Hearing Impaired”.

Older People.

However, this impairment can affect many different ages and types of people.

I am a youngish 50, but I have been hard of hearing since my mid 20’s. No, I didn’t go to a lot of rock concerts or listen to my music too loudly, as people are always want to ask. I was born with a genetic disorder, a defect in my cochleas, that caused what they call “a Cookie Bite” loss bi-laterally. Around 24 years of age, I started with the “Whats” and the “Huhs” and when my friends and family got frustrated with repeating themselves, I just yelled at them to “Stop Mumbling!” and to “Speak Clearly!” until they finally convinced me that I REALLY needed to get my ears checked, they weren’t just being sarcastic! The doctor explained that it could have happened at any time, 6 years old or 60, with enough stress to trigger it. (“See?”, I told my family, “It IS your fault!”)

Speaking of sarcasm, yea, that doesn’t work so well on us. Either we can’t hear you at all, or we miss the tonality that expresses the sarcasm. A lot of meaning in speech communication can be interpreted by tone, and we don’t have that natural benefit of normal hearing people. We can miss a LOT and also look pretty dumb. We respond completely inappropriately in everyday situations, so much so that we start to slowly withdraw in fear of making idiots out of ourselves AGAIN. I can tell you, my 14-year-old daughter just LOVES it when we are in the drive-through and they ask, “What drink would you like?” and I respond with, “Barbecue sauce please!” She has tried to hide in the back seat more than once.

I can’t count the number of times people have become frustrated with me, or worse, judgmental, because I could not understand them. When I am feeling a bit more courageous, I tell them, “My ears are broke, not my brain”, but mostly I just get frustrated with myself too. I interrupt people because I don’t realize they are speaking. I change the subject of conversations because I have no idea what the subject is.  I sometimes talk too much because I want to feel connected to people and trying to just sit back and listen to people talk, or for the correct pauses in conversation to be able to enter into them, or read their facial expressions and pretend I know what they are saying, is near impossible for me. And exhausting.

Hearing aids are an option of course. I do have a pair, and they cost about as much as a used car. Actually, they cost MORE than many used cars! Most insurance plans do NOT cover them either. They will cover the hearing test though. The last time I got my hearing checked was about a year ago. I went in because after many years of just being plain old hearing impaired, I got the added luxury of Tinnitus, a relentless buzzing and ringing in my head. Fun.

I walked to the desk and told them I was there for a hearing test because I thought my hearing may have gotten worse. They gave me instructions on the paperwork, where to go, etc., all in normal hushed voices; I had to guess what they were telling me because I had no clue what words were coming out of the receptionist’s mouth, but it was pretty straightforward. After the hearing test I knew my hearing had really gotten worse when the woman approached me and yelled, “YOU NEED TO BRING THIS PAPERWORK TO THAT WINDOW DOWN THE HALL”. I showed them! Lol.

Hearing aids, unfortunately, are not a magic cure. You can hear better with them, and they are worth having, but they do not bring you back to perfect normal people status. I still require people to get my attention, talk straight at me, not too fast, and to enunciate their consonants. What I don’t require people to do is to talk to me like I am mentally challenged or to yell in my face. Please, for the love of GOD, do NOT yell at me. Volume increase can be extremely annoying, as with a hearing loss you lose certain TONES, but others are fine. So, when watching a movie for example, if I just increase volume, the background sounds are so LOUD that they drown out the mid-tones (speaking level) that I can’t hear anyway. I just watch with the subtitles. My reading speeds are faster and I am an amazing speller now! Plus…I READ the little stuff going on in the background that YOU can’t hear!

Another benefit of the hearing aids is that when I am alone, or it is quiet, it helps cut down on my attention to the high pitch ringing in my head. I also have taken to humming to myself when I don’t have them in…a lot. However, this little unconscious method of trying to keep myself from GOING insane can make me SEEM insane to people in public! I don’t even realize I am doing it until I am in the grocery store, looking at the produce, and notice the person next to me giving me the side eye and steering their children clear of me….

Good. That way they won’t try to talk to me. I’d rather look crazy than stupid!

Well, I hope you learned something from this. Or at least had a little giggle at my expense. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it because it takes a LOT less energy for me to write than to have a conversation (or to order in a drive through)! Please remember to have patience with people. Everyone is fighting their own battles, some more silently than others! The next time someone ignores you or answers you completely wrong, remember, they might not be mean and stupid, they might just be HOH!

Reasons to Rent a Geaux Mobile Bar!

Reasons to Rent a Geaux Mobile Bar!

In Louisiana a Mobile Bar can be used for any reason in any season! We are famous around the country for our “Go Cups” and the fact that we are a state that likes to party cannot be denied! We live out LOUD here and adding flair is second nature to us in the South. What better way to do that than to have your very own Champagne Bar or Horse Trailer Bar to go? Or should I say to “Geaux”! Keep reading to see the many obvious, and not so obvious, reasons to have one of our bars in your life!

Ok, we will start with the most obvious! Weddings, Bachelorette Parties, and Engagement Parties are including Mobile Bars all over the country now. It is one of the best ways to make your event unforgettable to your guests!

Birthdays and Anniversary Parties…especially the BIG ones: 21,30,40,50,60/5,10,15,20,25….and so on! You get the idea! Plus…. EVERY YEAR IN BETWEEN! I mean we don’t need an excuse to party, buuut, Birthdays are a good one! (Mocktail Bars are GREAT for your minis as well!! Rock your daughter’s Sweet Sixteen!)

Secretaries Day for a large office…Women don’t just like Sparkly Jewelry…we like Sparkly Libations too!

Store or Business Promotions…what beats a tent sale in class and attraction…..a Free glass of Champagne or Wine with their purchase! Talk about Customer Appreciation!

Wineries, Craft Beer, Homemade Moonshine? Use Us! You can put your own signage and decorations on the Bar and shamelessly self promote your EXCELLENT Product!

Realtors…..Do you want to make your Open House a REAL SUCCESS? Let us set up a Mimosa Bar on a Sunday or Humpday Cocktail Cart! People are drawn towards free alcohol…I mean, this is Louisiana after all!

Pool Party, Barbecue, Crawfish Boil…Wow neighbors and friends with your own Fabulous Bar! We will drop it off and Pick it up…what you do in between is totally up to you!

New Years Eve, Christmas, Hanukkah, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Easter, Valentines, ….I’m just going off the top of my head here…..but ANY HOLIDAY is a good time to celebrate!

I could go on….

Ok, I will!

Fundraisers! There are many creative ways to help raise $$ for your special cause!

Farmers Markets and Festivals…add your own signage and use our Trailer to sell your product!

Baby Showers- Gender Reveal Parties- Divorce Parties…..We can celebrate ANYTHING!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s GEAUX!!